how do you turn your skills into a business?

One word. Tech. Get instant access to my extremely popular guide to the tech tools you NEED to start accelerating your online business.

Tech Coach for Creative Businesses

how do you turn your skills into a business?

One word. Tech. Get instant access to my extremely popular guide to tech tools to accelerate starting your online business.

Start a business before you have an idea

Sometimes it’s hard to know what sort of business to run with. Sometimes it’s hard to focus and stay motivated to push your ideas forward.

What if there was something that motivated you? Something that you could incorporate into your life with no extra hassle. Something so you can easily dedicate time to grow your business and eventually take control of your future?

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Running a business as one person is tough. That’s why I’ve put together an extensive list of all the best tools you need to streamline your online business.

What Entrepreneur Type Are You?

When we think entrepreneur we automatically connect that to revolutionary businesses. Whilst these exist, entrepreneurship is a lot broader than you think. Which type resonates with you?

10 Ways To Turn Your Skills Into A Business

One of the biggest hurdles that a entrepreneur will face is figuring out just where the best place is to start.

Why is courage so important?

Courage gives you that push to overcome obstacles. It allows you to feel the fear, the anxiety and the many feelings the world told us that needs “fixing”. We don’t need fixing we just need to find our inner voice and the courage to be okay being imperfect. It’s okay to be scared, anxious, sad and all the things the world sees as negative. When you feel these feelings yet still move forward. That’s you being brave AF and dominating your space.

Marium Arif

“Becky’s help was absolutely FUNDAMENTAL to my website, she brought my vision to life and more. Becky, you don’t realise how much you have actually helped me because without your knowledge and techy expertise there was no chance of me being even up and running.. You did for me in like a day what has taken me a year! You are soo amazing! Thank you sooo much!”

marium arif, hair stylist

“Becky helped out so much with my website – I have very little technical expertise, and she put into place everything I set out very quickly! I’m very happy with the excellent work she has done.””


“Oh my gosh, thank you! I completely was thinking the same thing as you… your first sentence “So, 10-20 hours per week they say. LIES! I spent almost 4 days stuck to the point I was about to give up.” completely resonated within my soul! LOL. Anyhow, all that to say thank you, you walked through the spots I was confused with in great clarity. Great work.”


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