My Story

Hello, I’m Becky

I’m a Web Designer from London that helps ambitious brands elevate their online presence and create client converting websites.

I recently quit my 7 year in design to figure my life out. That’s when I met lots of amazing life coaches. I found they were open-minded, understanding, patient, enjoy helping others and have really positive attitude. It is important to know my design services is going to a good cause to help individuals.

10 Day Email Course To Attract New Clients

Authentic Storytelling

In September 2019 I founded Madhat Girls, a blog to help other ambitious creatives, who were interested in starting a business. Then Anthea joined the team, built up our amazing platform and filled it with stories of diversity, mental health and self discovery.

Learning Tech Tools

One person starting an online business was hard, I lost my job during COVID-19, had no finances so had to juggle multiple hats. That’s when I discovered tech strategies to automatically land dream clients. Now I want to share these with coaches

Online Communities

Throughout this journey meeting amazing people online helped build a great support system this is where I discovered the amazing work of life coaches. This is why I want to help set up their businesses effectively, to help them earn a living in a fulfilling way to help others overcome their struggles.

how blogging changed my life

I first started blogging when I was 12. I gained new skills, new friends, and explored self-expression through writing, designing and building WordPress websites. This outlet helped me battle depression and develop new skills and interests which later on contributed to a 7-year-career in design and transformed my life.

Now, I’m on a mission to share the tools that helped me to help others reach their business goals. Starting your online adventure can be one of the best things you do for yourself, your career, your business and your happiness.

wanna work together?

Do you need help with your tech? Whether it’s marketing automation, website building or how to use tech to implement your business strategies. I’m here to help you.