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What do you need to build a website? When 1 thing turns into 10, it can be hard to do everything. As you create a website, you will find that you need to learn more and more and do more and more. In this cheatsheet I have listed everything you need to set up your website. Save time and the hassle of working everything out yourself.

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As a small business owner sharing your values, goals and vision can be transformative. I would love to work with you on showcasing your business through your brand identity so we can attract the right clients.

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Who likes choosing who they work with? ME!!! 🙋‍♀️ That’s why I love helping coaches because they help people who were lost like me! Grow your coaching business using the juiciest tips from our blog and have fun running a business on your own terms.

“Becky’s help was absolutely FUNDAMENTAL to my website, she brought my vision to life and more. Becky, you don’t realise how much you have actually helped me because without your knowledge and techy expertise there was no chance of me being even up and running. You did for me in like a day what has taken me a year! You are soo amazing! Thank you sooo much!”

Marium Arif, Hair Stylist

Marium Arif

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Whether you’re just starting out or already established you deserve an awesome website you love that breathes your business values, attracts the right clients and creates sales without having to manually nurture every lead.