Designer. Writer. Marketer

Hello thanks for dropping by on my little space on the internet.

I’m Becky and I’ve been working as a designer for over 7 years. My experience is in digital but my expertise lay in brand strategy, design, marketing, print and layout design to communicate business purposes.

I have always loved designing, tinkering and concepting entrepreneural ideas since I was a kid. In year 5 I discovered Neopets, where I learnt about capitalism (selling stuff for more $$ in my shop) and HTML/CSS to build out my custom pet pages.

Now years later, I work in a field I love and have been lucky enough to experience so many different types of workplaces from: start-ups to huge corporate houses. I’ve worked across multiple industries such as: fashion eCommerce, beauty, online gaming and mobile advertising and the tech space. Whatever the environment I am able to adapt, find joy in what I do and learn more and more about the world so I can apply it to my work.

My vision is to create a life I love and use my skills and talent to help others. Creative entrepreneurship is the future so join me on this journey!

Tweet me if you want to work together, connect or simply ask a question.

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