Things You’ll Only Understand As A New Business Owner

Top 10 Struggles Every New Business Owner Goes Through


First, and foremost they are, ‘Trying’. It is all about the mindset of a new business owner. Stop trying, and get into a mindset of ‘having clients’.

Website = Instant traffic

New businesses wish the clients will come automatically by having a website. They don’t understand there are thousands of websites out their with zero traffic, and that is applicable to the coaches who are trying and hoping that clients will come automatically.

No Time

They are in a dilemma about what to do, and what not to do. They may lack Sales and Marketing knowledge, and hence, even though someone (Digital Marketing consultants), will suggest something, they have too much to deal with, as everything comes at a price.

Cash Flow

New businesses who don’t have clients have cash flow issues, and to get clients they may need to invest some money in some marketing, and they are generally not comfortable pumping money into something which has low cash flow, and there is no guarantee.

State management

New businesses with no or less clients can get anxious about their own future as a business owner, and because of this they may further think about and start doubting whether running their own online adventure is worth their effort and time.


At times pain point of a new business can be their own motivational level, because they may go in spiral baseless thoughts of putting them into low state.

Lack of interest in Sales

Pain point of most new business owners at times is no or less clients, and on top of that they won’t have an interest around Sales and Marketing, which in fact needs to be on top of their list, as that is the driving engine of being a Successful Coach

Where to invest time

Which social media platform to use, which article directory or platform to use for results, as the results may not be immediate, which leads to further frustration w.r.t social media and content marketing.


Some new entrepreneurs lack patience and don’t allow sufficient time to build a business. There are a lot of factors involved in building a coaching practice: word of mouth business, case studies, testimonials, number of years in business, network, and networking skills, team management, investment capability etc.

A coach needs to learn how to manage their own state, have an alternate income stream while building a coaching practice with high paying regular clients.

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