The Ultimate Guide to Building Your business website

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In This Guide You Will Get

Website Check List

Go through the check list and see if you have everything you need to build your website.

What Makes A Successful Website

Our top tips on building out a website you love, that converts visitors into customers and becomes something you enjoy.

What Not To Do

The top mistakes every new business owner makes when building their website and how you can avoid them.

Get The Website Checklist Now

Hello, I’m Becky

Since starting a business the biggest problems I’ve found was website creation. You start with 1 thing to do but then 1 turns into 10, then that turns into 20. Then suddenly you’re SWAMPED with work you didn’t know you needed to do in the first place. That’s why I put together this straight forward, simple to follow website guide to share with you.

I started building websites at 8 years old because I was OBSESSED with this Virtual pet game which had their own webpages so, I learnt how to code and got a hold of a cracked version of Photoshop and begun my online adventure.

21 years later I now run 4 websites and help many others with theirs.

I’m excited to offer you this Website Guide so you can manage expectations and fly through the stressful process with ease.